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For Treatment of Rupture of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament


Rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament is one of the most common orthopedic conditions in the dog. It is the major cause of arthritis of the stifle or knee joint. The strength of a dog’s cranial cruciate ligament deteriorates with age. Other factors which can contribute to rupture include pre-existing inflammation and anatomical abnormalities such as excessive slope of the tibial bone. Up to 40% of dogs may rupture the pposite leg’s cruciate ligament within 24 months following rupture of the first.

Often the rupture occurs acutely during normal levels of activity. The dog may have been jumping off the couch or deck, or running in the yard. The dog may vocalize and hold up the injured leg. In other cases the rupture may have a more chronic course without a single traumatic event. In these cases the dog may have a chronic, episodic lameness that worsens with vigorous exercise.

Pain Prevention 

A regular and routine course of wellness and preventative care is an important part of keeping your pet pain free and healthy. This routine should include regular vaccinations and diagnostic lab work. Proper nutrition and diet are vital to preventing health issues that can cause pain.

Surgery and Pain Control 

When your pet needs surgery, we will use a general anesthesia to keep your pet calm and still as well as prevent unnecessary pain. While he or she is anesthetized, they will be monitored by one of our expert veterinary technicians the whole time. During surgery we will use an EKG to monitor your pet’s Doppler blood pressure and oxygen levels, ensuring he or she is safe.

It is common following surgery for a pet to experience pain and discomfort as they recuperate. We will tailor the pain management plan for your pet to their unique needs. Some of the options we have include pain patches and oral medications. We will use whatever methods are safe and necessary to maintain your pet’s comfort.

Prescription Medications

When necessary, we will set you up with a course of any prescription medications that may be required. We will schedule refills when necessary, and can provide home delivery of pet prescriptions. If you need further information regarding pain management or think your pet may be in pain, please contact us for an appointment today. We are eager to help.

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