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What is the procedure for Cerebral Fluid Tap?

Cerebral Spinal Fluid Tap is sometimes needed to make a diagnosis of certain conditions of the Brain or Spinal Cord. Abnormal behavior, seizures and other undefined abnormalities of a neurological nature can often be confirmed by the findings in the spinal fluid.

A spinal tap is also used to administer certain drugs and for spinal anesthesia when the risk of general anesthesia are too great for the patient. Contrast media such as a dye is injected into the subarachnoid space surrounding the spinal cord and the brain in order to diagnose abnormalities such as narrowing of Spinal Cord or Tumors. After injection of the contrast media, X-rays are taken (myelogram)

Is this procedure (CSF) painful?

Since a Cerebral Spinal Fluid Tap is a delicate procedure and the pet must remain perfectly still a general anesthesia or other sedation is required. Your pet will experience no pain during this procedure. Some patients show signs of discomfort after this procedure. It depends on the sensitivity of your pet.

How long will my pet be in the hospital?

The (CSF) will only take a few hours and your pet could go home the same day if no other procedures are scheduled. Remember this procedure was used to help make a diagnosis of a malady of the central nervous system and not an end in itself. The findings of the examination will ultimately determine the amount of time your pet must remain in the hospital.

What home care is required after Cerebral Spinal Fluid Tap?

There is seldom any ill effect from this procedure. Just allow your pet to be quiet and readjust to being home. No vigorous exercise or playing.

What are the complications or risks associated with this procedure?

No ill effects should be anticipated.

Are any follow-up appointments required?

This is totally dependent on the surgeon’s findings from the Cerebrospinal Tap and examination of your pet.

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