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Info for Vets

The referring veterinarian plays a vital role at the Advanced Veterinary Surgery & Rehabilitation Center. Most patients are referred to us by a primary care veterinarian. Our staff and surgeon working together with the referring veterinarian are all working towards the same common goal of optimal patient care. 

We provide each referring veterinarian with a  comprehensive written report to aid in the continuity of care each patient receives.

Why be a Referring Veterinarian?

Placing your patient into another veterinarian’s hands is a big decision. We realize that, as a general practice veterinarian, you know what is medically best for your patients and that your clients look to you for guidance in their pet’s health.  As the gatekeeper, it is sometimes necessary to reach out to specialty practice in order to provide the best possible care for your client’s pet.

  • Many surgeries we perform are not as common for a family veterinarian and require a certain set of skills and expertise.
  • Some surgeries require or need special equipment not used by a typical family practice.
  • Your clients can travel to us or we can work with you to schedule surgery at your practice.  This relationship allows veterinarians to offer another value-added service to their clients by providing surgical services for select procedures directly in the confines of their practice.

Eveyone Benefits

  • Patients receive high-level care in the specialty veterinary surgery services that we provide.
  • The primary care veterinarian shows their genuine care and concern for the health and well-being of the pet.
  • The specialist serves as a part of a team professionals dedicated of the life-long commitment that the family practitioner has made to provide the best healthcare possible for the pet.

We want to be an extension of your veterinary practice.

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