Advanced Veterinary Surgery and Rehabilitation Center is proud to announce the acquisition of  a Vimago™ HD CT scanner.  This is a highly advanced veterinary imaging device that provides micro CT quality resolution and soft tissue contrast that will make even previously impossible-to-see lesions clear.

HD Veterinary Imaging

The Vimago™ is a Robotic, High Definition, Computed Tomography-Fluoroscopy-Digital Radiography platform that is mobile but capable of imaging an entire patient in a single series, and can fit even extremely large dogs.


• 60%-90% less radiation than conventional CT
• 1481 times higher resolution than conventional CT (resolution down to .09 mm)
• Contrast to match any CT
• Scan the entire length of a patient
• Study setup in under 5 minutes
• Scan any patient from 2 ounces to 200 pounds
• Designed for diagnostic, interventional, and intraoperative uses
• On-board 2D, MPR, and 3D imaging
• Export standard DICOM studies

The Vimago™ allows for CT to be more effective than ever before at imaging: Sinus and nasal cavity, bulla, ear, brain,
dental, spine, orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary, urinary, and post-operative studies.

See brochure.