Sacral Luxation Repair for Dogs and Cats

Sacral Luxation Repair Arkansas Veterinary Surgery Center

A sacroiliac dislocation is a severe injury to the pelvis in which the joint that typically connects the pelvis onto the spine is torn loose and moves out of place. Because the pelvis is like a box, it must be fractured in two or more places for the pelvic bones to be unstable. The most frequent cause of a sacroiliac dislocation is trauma such as being struck by a car or being injured from a fall.

What is the Sacral Luxation Repair procedure?

Sacroiliac luxations must be surgically repaired if there is mild to severe separation of the pelvic bone from the spine. If both left and right sacroiliac joints are separated or if your dog or cat has signs of sciatic nerve damage then sacral luxation repair is necessary. If the sciatic nerve function is damaged, surgery needs to be completed as quickly as possible to reduce pressure on the nerve. This helps to avoid permanent damage to the nerve. Dislocation of the sacroiliac joint is repaired using one or two screws or a pin. Usually surgery is performed with the aid of interventional radiography and one or two very small incisions; otherwise, a traditional open surgical approach (larger incision) and repair of the dislocation is performed.

How long will my pet be in the hospital?

The PET will be kept for 1 night postoperatively.

What is the prognosis following surgery?

Prognosis for lumbar sacral luxation is very good as long as no nerve root damage has occurred.

What post-operative care is required after surgery?

Postoperative care usually involves strict confinement over 6 weeks, pain control, and rehabilitation.

What are the complications or risks associated with this surgery?

Risk of surgery involves potential damage to nerve roots by hardware.

Are any follow-up appointments required during the post-operative period?

Postoperative appointments involving a 10 day incisional recheck and follow-up radiographs at 30 and 60 days.

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