First – ALL fractures should have two orthogonal views of the fractured bone(s) or
site(s). If there are multiple fractures, please provide two orthogonal views of each

In order to obtain accurate estimate for fracture cases the following is required:
1. How old is the fracture?
a. Older fractures, require more time and may have more complications
2. How old is the patient?
a. Patient age often determines how quick a fracture might heal
3. How much does the patient weigh?
a. Weight dictates what size implants we will use and therefore costs
4. Is the fracture open or closed?
a. Open fractures inherently are likely infected and change prognosis; we
may need to consider an external fixator repair possibly
5. Is there more than one fracture?
a. Fracture locations will dictate patient comfort level, prognosis, and
implant requirements
If you have digital or computer radiography, you can forward the images in jpeg format
with the answered questions above to:

[email protected]

If you have conventional radiographs, you can take a picture of the radiographs with
your digital camera or smart phone ( I phone, blackberry, etc) and email the radiographs
to either of the email addresses above or text the images to:

(479) 996-6095

A reply will be provided via text, email or direct phone call with an accurate estimate
for the fracture repair as soon as possible. Sometimes, we prefer to evaluate the
radiographs on a computer rather than a smartphone and respond once arriving to a