CT Scanner Added to Arkansas Veterinary Surgery Center
CT Scan - Arkansas Veterinary Surgery Center

South County Animal Hospital is pleased to bring the most advanced technology in imaging with the NewTom 5G Cone Beam CT Scanner for Veterinary Medicine

One of the most state-of-the-art tools for digital imaging and diagnostics has been recently installed in the Arkansas Veterinary Surgery Center at South County Animal Hospital in Greenwood.  The NewTom 5G  CT Scanner provides our veterinary practice with an essential, non-invasive diagnostic tool.

Cone beam technology produces at least equal if not much better image quality compared with standard CT (CAT) scanners, while exposing patients to far less radiation with faster outcomes. In just 18-24 seconds this cutting-edge technology takes the equivalent of a 360 degree CT scan.

According to Dr. Mark Sharp, “The CT scanner will allow us to perform more complex imaging to guide us in more progressive procedures…and that’s exciting!”

CT Scanner - Arkansas Veterinary Surgery CenterThe Cone Beam CT produces a three-dimensional, cone-shaped beam that only has to circle the patient once to produce a picture of the entire area. This generates a huge amount of data that is quickly and easily converted into both traditional and three-dimensional images. These images can be saved right into your pet’s medical record and, in the case of referrals, we can send images directly to other veterinarians for their files or for additional consultation.

How Will the New CT Scan Benefit My Pets?

CT Scans are useful in the diagnosis of a wide variety of problems that occur in our veterinary patients, and they are ideal to view certain internal structures of your pet. CT Scans are useful to look at the lungs for chronic breathing problems and to differentiate metastatic cancer as well as to see incredible detail of nasal disease, ear canal conditions, dental disease, and to assess abdominal organs. The value of these high quality 3D images is extensive.  Poor images can result in missing or misinterpreting a problem such as fracture, a foreign body or bone cancer; but with the addition of the CT Scan, many of these problems become much more easily solved.

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